When is Camp Uncommon?

2019 Camp Dates
Session 1: June 21 - July 2
Session 2: July 4 - July 15
Session 3: July 17 - July 28
Session 4: July 30 - August 10

Will travel costs be covered?

Camp Uncommon provides a staff bus to camp from New York City.  Staff members are responsible for arranging travel for themselves home from camp.

Where is Camp Uncommon?

Camp Uncommon is located in Poyntelle, PA, in the beautiful Poconos.

Where do Camp Uncommon campers come from?

Our campers are selected from Uncommon elementary and middle schools in New York City, Newark, Camden, Boston, Rochester, and Troy.

Can I work part of camp?

We are asking that all staff be present for the entirety of the program. In some cases, special consent may be given for extenuating circumstances.

Is there a staff dress code for Camp Uncommon?

Yes. Camp Staff T-shirts will be provided and must be worn until dinner each night and for certain camp evening activities. All counselors are required to wear proper swimming attire (swim trunks for men, and one piece swimsuits for women). Sneakers are the normal footwear for camp, but sandals/flip flops are allowed for any water or non-athletic activity (i.e. theater, art, music, etc.) We want you to be comfortable and want you to be yourselves; we just ask that all attire be appropriate for children and for the assigned activity. Current staff - please click here for Packing List.

Is there a place for staff to get away on campus?

The demands of living with a group of children are great. At Camp Uncommon, there are several locations that are quiet and have Wi-Fi/telephone accessibility. Your free time is just that - yours.

What are the living accommodations like at Camp Uncommon?

Living arrangements at camp are cabin style. Counselors will have a group of campers for whom they are responsible and will be living with them throughout their stay at camp. Camp Uncommon is a beautiful camp; we assure you that you will find your stay at camp quite comfortable.

What is the salary?

Working at Camp Uncommon is an expense-free experience, so the hope is that every staff member will leave with their entire camp salary. Staff salaries vary depending on position, but all salaries are competitive with other similar camp experiences. Staff shirts and sweatshirts will be provided free of charge along with a laundry service in the middle of camp. Staff is responsible for their own travel to and from camp.

Does Camp Uncommon have a religious affiliation?

No. Camp Uncommon has no ties to any religion and we are accepting of all diversities, religious affiliations, backgrounds.

Can you outline a typical day?

Each camp day is unique, but there is a good deal of regularity to the daily program. Below is an overview of a typical day:

  • Following wake-up and breakfast, the camp comes together for Morning Summit. At Morning Summit, we do cheers, introduce the value of the day, make announcements, review the schedule and get excited for the day ahead!

  • After Morning Summit, each group goes to 3 morning activities, including Discovery Block. Discovery Block is geared towards self-discovery through group activities and offers campers a chance to reflect on the value of their day and the experiences they are having. Using soccer as an example, you, as a soccer counselor, would report to the soccer fields to teach soccer. Each morning activity block - about one hour long - would see three separate camper groups until about noon. If you are a Group Counselor, you would travel with your group to each of their 3 assigned activities.

  • Following morning activities, there is lunch and "rest hour" or quiet time to relax, read and spend time with campers.

  • After rest hour comes a 4th group activity, followed by Intensives. Intensives are activity periods that allow campers to focus a single activity over 3 days and develop their skill set in that area. As a staff member, you will either teach or assist in teaching an intensive.

  • After Intensives, there is a brief wash-up and free period, followed by dinner.

  • After dinner, the whole camp comes together for Evening Summit, which includes a nightly awards ceremony, during which we recognize campers for their outstanding contributions throughout the day.  

  • Evening Summit is followed by an evening activity, which will range from talent shows to sports leagues "under the lights," to campfires.

  • Each day closes with the Camp Uncommon song and some free dorm time before lights out.

While this represents a brief portrait, there is far too much going on to describe on paper. There will be hikes and excursions, camping trips, exciting all-camp events, fun and engaging activities for campers and staff to enjoy!

What about time off and free time?

We know for you to be an effective counselor, you need to take time for yourself. We want you to be fresh and invigorated. Therefore, camp staff are given days off in between sessions and nights off during the camp program. Time off is determined and scheduled by the Program Director in conjunction with the Director of Camp Uncommon. During the day, staff members receive either rest hour or free period off each day. At that time, you may use any available facilities for recreation. Of course, you may opt to just read quietly or take a nap. Every other night, when you are on duty, you must stay with your group until they are asleep, then remain in camp "on duty" until 12:30 a.m. when the remainder of the counseling staff who are "off" return to camp.

How "co-ed" is Camp Uncommon?

All camp activities are co-ed and separated by age group except for Intensive Blocks which are comprised of boys and girls from all age groups.

For all other questions and information:

Please review our General Information guide.